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Welcome. Find the BEST iPad apps for children, iPad tips & family-friendly uses for iPad!

Within this website you will find our top 300+ children's apps!  If its on our website, we recommend it! We've included only our FAVOURITE apps, including the best educational iPad Apps for children since iPad was launched. We hope this helps you find the iPad apps to inspire your child.  

We enjoy exploring and reviewing iPad Apps, primarily Educational, Creative and Fun iPad Apps.  iPad has changed the way we do just about everything; work, play, create & learn, we enjoy it. 
iPad has created an evolution in education & business like nothing else. 
Our family's review of iPad:
"Amazing, Brilliant, Fantastic, Life-changing and Fun!"  
  •    iPadFamily's Favourite iPad Games Apps for Children...

  •   iPadFamily reviews video making and animation apps... make your own movie...

  •   To rent a movie... or make a movie... that is the question...  

  • Family games we REALLY enjoy playing... 

  •   Artistic Development on the iPad is easy, fast and fun...

  • Art is an underestimated form of relaxation and education!

  • Arts & Crafts - stickers, construction, scrap-booking...

  • Creating music with your iPad is amazing!

  • The iPad has transformed photography...

  • Find the location of any planet or star... just point your iPad...

  • Yes, you can learn handwriting on an iPad... use a stylus!

  •   Little children grasp the technology FAST... give them a head start...

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iPad Family iPad App Reviews & the Best Educational iPad Apps for Children

Looking for the Best Educational Apps for iPad? Our children are educated at homeschool, and iPad has transformed every aspect of the educational process. iPad Family shares ONLY the BEST Apps from the thousands we've evaluated, to save you time and money! IF IT'S ON OUR SITE, WE RECOMMEND IT. 

Educational Apps for Children are an important part of our iPad Apps library and are an essential part of making use of the iPad as a learning tool. iPad is the educational tool we've been waiting for! We've listed our favourite Apps from the thousands we've evaluated. Click here for Educational iPad Apps for Kids. 

We also have a GREAT selection of the Best Art Apps for Kids, and our favourite iPad Children's Books are here too.  We're ALWAYS updating the site, and would love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter!

When iPadFamily began (the first day iPad was released in Australia) we had just one iPad (1), but now we've each got one! We're a real multiple-iPad family. Grandparents have one, great-grandma has one... from age 3 to age 97, everyone in our family has found the iPad to make a HUGE difference to our life.  Our girl is learning penmanship with her stylus, our  youngest boy is a documentary film master, and our eldest trains adults how to use their iPad! We love iPad and we know you will too!  

Enjoy our website!  Please use our links to buy your apps so we can continue taking our time to review apps for YOU! 

Children's Educational Apps:

All Children's Educational Apps

View ALL the educational ipad apps we recommend from over 1,500 we've evaluated. View our recommended All Children's Educational Apps

All Special Needs Apps

iPad Family has reviewed quite a few Education Apps for children, and many of them are useful in certain Special Needs environments. View our recommended All Special Needs Apps

Book Apps

Reading "to" and reading "with" our children is an important area of cognitive development which can be overlooked in all the fuss of homework and schoolwork. View our recommended Book Apps

Geography Apps

You gotta know where you are in the world. These apps are not Geography lessons, but more geography knowledge & exploration. View our recommended Geography Apps

Literacy & Language Apps

Growing your vocabulary and reading skills does not end once you're able to spell and write sentences... View our recommended Literacy & Language Apps

Mathematics Apps

Children's Numeracy Apps for iPad & iPad Mini changes Math's education, for good! More engaging than a class full of classmates... View our recommended Mathematics Apps

Music Apps

Children's Music Apps for iPad & iPad Mini are very important to a developing child. Sure, listening to music is great, but INTERACTING... View our recommended Music Apps

Puzzle Apps

Let's face it, you've got to use your brain to put puzzles together. On iPad, puzzles are multi-dimensional workout! View our recommended Puzzle Apps

Reference Apps

Children's Reference Apps for iPad & iPad Mini are SO HELPFUL when teaching small children, they want to know NOW. iPad makes it possible to answer them... View our recommended Reference Apps

Science Apps

Give your child a head start! Learn physics, biology, earth science, topography, cause-and-effect, even chemistry via iPad! View our recommended Science Apps

Speech Pathology Apps

iPad Family has reviewed quite a few Education Apps for children, and many of them are useful for learning to Speak or for children participating in casual or structured Speech therapy. View our recommended Speech Pathology Apps

Children's Creativity Apps

All Children's Creativity Apps

View ALL the creativity iPad apps we recommend from over 1,500 apps we've evaluated. View our recommended All Children's Creativity Apps

Craft & Construction Apps

Crafts are an important part of every day at homeschool. iPad enhances creative and visual development. View our recommended Craft & Construction Apps

Drawing & Art Apps

Art enhances cross brain development. The ability to visualise ideas and translate that on to paper is an invaluable skill we all have. View our recommended Drawing & Art Apps

Music Apps

Children's Music Apps for iPad & iPad Mini are very important to a developing child. Sure, listening to music is great, but INTERACTING... View our recommended Music Apps

Photography Apps

Having a multi function device has made many single function devices obsolete and has now taken over the role of 'camera' in our family. View our recommended Photography Apps

Sticker Book Apps

These are craft-type of iPad Apps which simulates sticking stuff onto paper - what you would probably already associate with sticker-arts and crafts. View our recommended Sticker Book Apps

Video and Animation Apps

Who would've thought that making a movie, video, animation, or time lapse movie would be so easy! View our recommended Video and Animation Apps

Most recent iPad Children's BOOK App we recommend:

Short stories with Pango and friends. This book features building a space rocket, a play at the park, putting on a magic show, cleaning up and a starry night.
Read more on the iTunes Store:

Most recent iPad LITERACY App we recommend:

This is a fun way to learn both letters for younger children, and words for older ones!
Read more on the iTunes Store:

iPad TV Shows & Movies
iPad TV Shows & Movies
We watch our fair share of movies and television shows, but we don't have a DVD player, satellite dish or even a television... we have iPad and Home Sharing! Absolutely fantastic!

Family Friendly - everyone should have an iPad!

Family Friendly iPad Apps for ChildrenWe really ARE a family who loves the iPad. Our kids each have an iPad for home schooling, we each have one and use it for business, pleasure, learning and leisure. We have experience in using, evaluating and reviewing iPad Apps, hopefully to save YOU time and money trying to sort through the masses of Apps available - ESPECIALLY educational apps for KIDS!


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