Character Games

The most obvious feature of these games is characters with personalities. The game features characters from TV shows or movies...

Each of these iPad Apps are high quality and are Apps we recommend. We only put our favourite (10 out of 10) apps on - Our most recent additions are listed first.

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Character Games we recommend:

Not a long, long time ago... in an iPad quite close to home...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Twin sisters with different powers! Excellent, fun and colourful platform game!

An adventurous character quest, different and challenging!

Unique platform game with an interesting range of characters & superpowers!

Physics-based game that works on trajectory, another in the Angry Birds series!

Planetary gravity affects our flying friends...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Physics-based trajectory game, this time flinging birds through the Seasons

Fun way to learning engineering, gravity, cause & effect!

Physics-based game that works on trajectory and is so much fun for adults and children!