Literacy & Language Apps

Growing your vocabulary and reading skills does not end once you're able to spell and write sentences...Building a mental map of words and their meanings helps contextualise LIFE in more varied ways. ~ iPad Dad

Each of these iPad Apps are high quality and are Apps we recommend. We only put our favourite (10 out of 10) apps on - Our most recent additions are listed first.

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Literacy & Language Apps we recommend:

Simple app perfect for early readers with multiple choice answers to fully engage your child!

Totally comprehensive Learn to Write app with excellent work records and statistics by child.

Excellent spelling and recognition app in 4 languages for reading aged children and upwards.

Learn upper and lower case letters, phonics, and words by sight in this excellent educational app for learning to read and spell.

Excellent and hilariously funny word game. Laugh while learning about verbs, nouns, adjectives and creating silly stories!

Totally comprehensive App for learning how to write letters, numbers and shapes suitable for pre-school children upwards.

Excellent fully comprehensive alphabet learning app for young children and toddlers.

Word solitaire, if you love Scrabble you will adore this game. It's clever, fun and challenging to the maximum.

Find the animal, colour, shape or object from the selection or play the Matching Game...perfect for toddlers, young children and special needs teaching.

Excellent game with 5 skill levels for learning to read, spell and recognise letters all while having fun building an launching your custom designed rocket!

A colourful interactive simplistic alphabet App for toddlers featuring Upper Case, Lower Case, Phonics, Music and Sound for optimal learning.

Excellent first reading App covering letters, words and phonics for toddlers & young children

This unique use of tracing and practicing letter construction is fun and informative.

This is a fun way to learn both letters for younger children, and words for older ones!