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Review: Alizay, Pirate Girl

Great pirate adventure story with games combined with lots of activities to engage both younger and older children alike!

View on the App Store: Alizay, pirate girl - SlimCricket

Features of Alizay, Pirate Girl:

  • Explore and solve the adventure puzzle to enhance problem solving skills.
  • A well thought out story that engages and involves your child and provokes their imagination.
  • Hearing the voices of the different characters makes it a dramatic experience, the book comes to life!
  • There are activities, short games and puzzles to complete throughout the book which improve memory, fine motor skills, problem solving and more.
  • Set the level of difficulty depending on the level of your child to avoid frustration.
Join Captain Rubberfoot and his smart daughter Alizay on their adventures through the jungle, beach, shipwreck, volcano and sky to find the four needles of the Wind Rose. 

Excellently detailed illustrations, colourful, bright and appealingly pirate-like!  The sensible and clever little girl brings the story down to earth and stops it from being scary, you can identify with her character!

Jump over the crocodiles, copy the musical notes of the monkeys, tidy up the shipwreck, tap on the crabs and solve puzzles along the way.  

All these activities add to the story and keep you involved as if you really are on the adventure with the characters. 

Meet the funny parrot who hears everything incorrectly making your child giggle!  

This book has really enjoyable extras such as:
You BLOW at the sky page and the air you generate actually continues the story!  Also whoever is holding the book has their picture taken too, which is really fun!
Once you have solved the story and games, the parrot copies what you say...just say anything and hear him repeat it back...this entertained my little 4 year girl for ages as she heard her voice over and over again, and tried out saying new words and sentences!!

This is a story that makes great use of iPad technology and provides a wonderful exploration to enjoy with your child, older children will enjoy the adventure on their own too!

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum - Google Plus


10 out of 10!

Age Group:


If you choose to read the story yourself you must click on the top right arrow when it appears as this indicates that there is more dialogue or you'll miss some of the story. The pirate sword n the right moves when you are ready to turn the page.

No reading required.

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