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Review: Aralon: Sword & Shadow HD

Beautifully created, our favourite 3D Adventure Game!

View on the App Store: Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD - Crescent Moon Games

Features of Aralon: Sword & Shadow HD:

  • Short and Long Range Strategic Planning
  • Decisive Actions Building Self Confidence
  • Inventory and Supplies Management
  • Physical Body Awareness and associated Skill Levels
  • Character Creation and Evolution

Aralon: Sword and Shadow is brilliant, amazing, spectacular!  This fast action RPG (role playing game) is one of the best iPad quests there is.  There is a great deal of sword/magic fighting involved in completing this game, and as a note from Dad, DON'T start this game while you're running the bath! It is most likely you'll be so engaged it is going to overflow!  (Oops!)

The 3D world, the characters, and the storyline are all engaging... the items, level-ups, and tasks all add to the challenge and make this game quite enjoyable. There is one ultimate objective or quest: To save the kingdom of Aralon, but there are many other engaging quests throughout the game. 

This is a virtual reality type of game and does not include 'levels' or individual sections to complete. You choose the direction. It is a long-term quest-style app.  The characters are customisable and you can play as one of three different races.  There are many different adventures t have in this game that is great value for money offering hours of high quality game play time.

It was the one of the only games I (Dad) wanted to play when we first downloaded it, and for weeks afterwards.

You will find yourself battling various enemies, using different tactics to win, collecting herbs, making potions picking up skills.  You will encounter magical animals such as dragons, giants, minotaurs etc., but you can hire 'team members' to help you on your quests.   Join guilds and take on quests for rewards.  A fascinating full-world game.

What does our 9 Year old think of Aralon?

He says... 

"I like Aralon because you can choose where you want to go and go there in a 3 dimensional world. It's not just a go here, do that kind of a game. I like that you can explore the (game) world the way you want to. You can go any direction you want to.  I like that you can enter different sections of the adventure, like the Orc caves or the Outlands. I enjoy fighting the guys to see what is in their treasure chests. I also like collecting plants and herbs to make potions that give you abilities and powers.

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Dad - Google Plus


10 out of 10!

Age Group:


NOTE TO PARENTS: We do not usually allow our children to play games of violence or games with 'scary' graphics, however after a month of playing this (while the boys watched me), our eldest son wanted to try the game.

So, we let him play, and we observed. If he wanted to play because of the fighting, then we would not have let him continue. (There's enough fighting going on in the real world!).

We have found he enjoys the quest and the advancement of the character more than anything. That seems OK to me.

We limit the playtime of this game to 30 minutes per 'iPad Turn' for kids (adults too actually, otherwise you can get totally absorbed in it and accidentally let the bath overflow! Oops.) Ability to Read Required to gain the full benefits of the game.

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