Review: Azkend HD

This more stimulating version of the classic 'three in a row game'

Features of Azkend HD:

  • Fast Decisive Action Required
  • Adventure and Survival Modes offering different challenges
  • Matching & Grouping Skills
  • Challenging, visually stimulating and intriguing
  • Exciting Levels, magical talismans and trophies to collect
The game consists of matching tiles in a row and to 'connect' as many of these matching tiles as you can, achieving special powers and progressing you through the levels.   The magical talisman and trophies that you collect along the way add to the mystery and your ability to strategise.  There are two modes Adventure and Survival offering different challenges! 

Beautiful graphics, pleasant music and the variety of levels keeps you engaged. The adventure map showing your progress through the game feels you're moving across a treasure-map... 

One of iPad Family's must-have games for iPad!  Well done developers!  It is one of our family favourites! 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPadLad

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Azkend HD - 10tons Ltd

You can change player in this game easily, but it is also possible for a toddler to accidentally erase game data unwittingly.
Ability to read is required for full understanding of the game.