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Review: Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD

The best iPad Tower Defence game now has a part 2...challenging battles, heroes, upgrades, power ups, towers, enemies of all sorts...Frontiers has it all!

View on the App Store: Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD - Ironhide Game Studio

Features of Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD:

  • Strategy skills are enhanced as you plan which towers and weapons are best to use.
  • Hours of entertainment, satisfaction and fun.
  • Challenging levels make this game tricky to beat and that's just on casual mode, two more difficult modes for the daring!
  • A wide range of defence tower, huge enemy selection, lots of heroes and a vast array of upgrade for each defence make this game educational, as you learn how it all unfolds and interacts.
  • Timing is everything in this game, learn by experience the principles of cause and effect.
Our favourite ever Tower Defence game for iPad now has an excellent sequel!  There are 15 new challenges to beat, each has three levels of difficulty, plus the possibility to play the 'Iron Challenge'' and 'Heroic' levels which are super tricky, beating super enemy waves with only 1 life.

The basic principles of the game have stayed the same with knights, wizards, artillery and archers and their towers.  The upgrades for the towers and how they look have changed giving this a whole new feel.

Start first by spending the initial stash of money you are given.  Set up the best towers in the best locations you think based on the map.  Once ready start the battle.  

There are fifteen waves of enemies in each challenge, you have to overpower them and stop from getting through your defences to the end point on the map marked by a grey circle, sometimes there are two points they can GE through making the game even mo complex. 

You have 20 lives per game, in other words up to 20 enemies can get past your defences before you loose the game.  Winning the challenge gets you stars, 1 for a win, and 2 and 3 for letting less enemies through.  

You then spend those stars as power ups to upgrade your defences, including your 'reinforcements' and 'fireballs', there are 30 upgrades to use. The weapons  'reinforcements' and 'fireballs' are available by clicking the icons in the bottom left of the screen and can be used at any time in the game, however they have a timed cool off period, so use them wisely, especially the fireballs...these can save your game! 

Getting the enemies gives you the money you need to build your tower defences, you must strategise when and where to build what. You can then use the money you accumulate at the end of the game in the 'shop', nothing is real money only digital dollars, there choose from a range of additional weapons you cause in the game.  

The developers really have thought of everything.  We highly recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy, battle, overcoming the odds and having fun!  It's full of surprises and keeps you engaged, really great value for money...First class!

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum - Google Plus


10 out of 10!

Age Group:


This excellent tower defence App requires a lot of skill and a child, an adult, must work hard to understand the intricacies of the game, so we find it educational for our kids. (Yes, we know it's a battle but we all know it's a game and that non digital 'real' battles aren't like games!) Reading Required.

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