Review: Soosiz HD

Unique rotating platform game great for spacial awareness!

Features of Soosiz HD:

  • Multi-dimensional visualisation (mental mapping)
  • Enhances hand-eye co-ordination
  • Exercises mental flexibility
  • Helps to conceptualise gravity and space
  • Fast action game enhancing decision making skills

Soosiz is one of those games that makes me (*probably for the first time in my life) feel old. 

Usually I can pick up any game and get down to mastering it, but Soosiz takes "Mario Brothers" style gaming to a whole new level.

What make it so mind-blowing? The character runs along the ground but the ground doesn't stay along the bottom of the screen! 

You can jump up to another level of 'ground' and the whole virtual world flips around, gravity changes, and you are on another piece of ground upside-down and sometimes backwards. 

I stopped after five minutes, but the boys took the game from me and said, "no Dad, like this..." and off they went to instantly master the game.

Phew. Better them than me.  

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Dad

Age Group: 6-12

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