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We've written quite a few iPad articles about our life with iPad. From how-to to setting up an iPad for children, these articles are from our direct experiences of using iPad in everyday life for Fun, Creativity, Education and Productivity.

iPad and Power Failures - another reason iPad rules!

Another reason iPad is fantastic for being productive... power failures!

iPad AS a Game Controller

Our recommended iPad Games Apps are great value for money and a fabulous way to learn!

iPad as a Practical Home Schooling Device

Drawing and visualising are two common uses for the iPad in our family.

iPad Education - from Old School to Home School

I've heard a few people say that the iPad can take away a child's ability to use a pencil.

iPad Education Blog

For educators at school or at home, the iPad is the best educational device ever created... and here's why we think we should use the iPad in Education.

iPad Ergonomics, Posture and iPad

With years of painful computing experience behind me I am delighted with the iPad.

iPad Essentials

There are a few Essential Tips that make using your iPad more productive and enjoyable including making your iPad prettier, using it more effectively, and finding things fast...

iPad for Graphic Designers, Authors & Illustrators

Can iPad fully replace a Mac or PC for a professional graphic designer, web-designer, photographer, or publisher?

iPad Games Blog

Our Family's iPad Games Blog. Sharing all the fun of owning an iPad and the insights we've received from playing games... remember games are educational too!

iPad How-to

iPad How - To: How to do some of the most important things on your iPad. These articles share some of the common how-to questions for iPad including setup for children...

iPad in the Family

Many things changed when iPad entered the family. Even more now that there are 5 iPads in the Family

iPad is the BEST Lifelong Learning tool in the Galaxy

I am always looking for ways to help integrate my knowledge into everyday life.

iPad Journals

iPad Family's regular Journals about life with iPad in the many, varied areas of our lives.

iPad Microscope Home School Project

Amazing science project with an iPad and a Microscope!

iPad Mum's Video Game Arcade Flashback from the '80s

I now have a choice of hundreds of games to capture my imagination - and to challenge my mind right here on my iPad

iPad Setup & First Steps Journal

Getting your iPad Setup is the first step in making the most out of your new device.

iPad Setup for Children

Want to know how to set up that iPad for your child? Essential settings before handing your child an iPad...

iPad Setup: How to Set Up FaceTime on your iPad

Instructions on how to set up FaceTime on your child's iPad and how to get connected.

it's only 1.21 gigabytes, why's it taking so long to download?

I felt very like Doc in Back to the Future when Marty told him the amount of energy required to get him Back to the Future!

Literacy Apps on iPad are Engaging


Matching Games for Memory Development

Matching Games for iPad and iPad mini are highly educational.

Maths Education has Changed Forever, thanks to iPad

Children's Numeracy Apps for iPad & iPad Mini changes Math's education, for good!

Mum's Opinion of iPad (1 Year) - iPad Elders

My parents came over for a three week visit and they just LOVED the iPad.

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Day 2) - Amazing!

My husband suggested the iPad, but I had no idea what it was and what to expect from it.

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Day 6) - Wonderful!

There are so many wonderful things about the iPad that I like!

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Month 4) - Horizons

It feels like we've ALWAYS had an iPad. How did we ever do without it!

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Week 3) - Homeschool

Life with the iPad is still proving fantastic as my children develop more and more skills

Music & Music Making on iPad

Music has a profound impact on our emotional state, and general feeling of well-being.

Music Making with your iPad

iPad has made making music easier than ever before. With a few taps you can be making beautiful music in no time.

One iPad Each Made All the Difference

Though I KNEW having an iPad each would make a difference, the difference it DID make is more profound...

Pages by Apple, the iPad Word Equivalent

You're likely to re-define your relationship to word-processing after using Pages

Photography on iPad Makes Cameras Obsolete

The iPad has now taken over the role of the 'camera' in our family. As a professional photographer, one of the things I was always aware of was not simply taking a good photograph, but being in the right place at the right time to take the photograph!

Physics Games, a new approach to gaming

Physics: the science of matter and energy and their interactions

Playing Arcade Games on iPad

What's an Arcade game, Dad? my sons ask. Should I explain it, or will it be like explaining an 8-track tape...

Playing Multiplayer Games on 1 iPad

Multiplayer iPad Games Apps are fun!

Playing Platform Games on iPad

Platform games for iPad redefine what's possible with this games genre

Practical Ways to Use Your iPad

These excerpts are from's live iPad Workshop detailing 101 practical ways to use your iPad

Puzzles Redefined, thanks to iPad

Puzzle Games on iPad take the term 'puzzle' into a completely new realm.