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We've written quite a few iPad articles about our life with iPad. From how-to to setting up an iPad for children, these articles are from our direct experiences of using iPad in everyday life for Fun, Creativity, Education and Productivity.

Recommended Apps for Boys over 12

Good selection of intelligent games for Boys over 12

Role Playing Games on iPad

Role-playing games are games in which players assume the identity (ROLES) of characters within the game setting.

Science Education Has Never Been So Easy

Children's Science Apps for iPad & iPad Mini give your child a head start!

Search your iPad, the Web or Wikipedia FAST - iPad Essential Search Tips

Did you know you can search your entire iPad, the Web or even find something in Wikipedia in seconds?

Set up a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to work with iPad

A Bluetooth Keyboard is for a speedy touch-typist or a child or adult wanting to learn how to touch type

Set Up a Family's App Purchases with One iTunes Account

Get one iTunes account for each family member... or one iTunes account for the entire lot of you?

Sim or Simulation Gaming on iPad

Build and manage a city, farm, shop or kingdom.

Stickers on iPad are Just As Fun

iPad Apps simulate sticking stuff onto paper - what you would probably already associate with arts and crafts.

Stopmotion and Timelapse Movies with your iPad

I can't believe I can make such cool StopMotion and Timelapse movies

Strategy Gaming on iPad

Strategy games are good for the brain. Grampa says so, and I agree.

Use iPad: As a Calendar

iPad is the best calendar system we've ever experienced. Up to date, synced between iPads, easy to use and navigate.

Use iPad: As a Notebook

iPad is an incredible Note taking device for text, sketchs and audio notes.

Use iPad: As a remote Teacher or Trainer

Use your iPad to train or tutor someone! Record and edit your training on your iPad for presentation again and again.

Use iPad: As a Scanner

iPad is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way of getting a document digitised I've experienced in almost two decades of educating and web-developing.

Use iPad: As an Address Book

I never kept an efficient Address Book until iPad came along. It's difficult to keep things organised. I think that's because it's a law of the universe.

Use Your iPad: As a Camera

iPad is a Camera, why it's easier to Dogde and Burn on an iPad, and why old school photography is gone for good.

Use Your iPad: As a Personal Assistant

iPad is an amazing tool which can act as your Personal Assistant

Use Your iPad: As a Scrapbook

Combining different textures and colours in patterns and shapes helps us model the world we live in.

Use your iPad: As a Special Effects Camera

Imagine, giving a nine year old a special effects camera. I am completely amazed. iPad has made photography for children finally possible.

Use Your iPad: As your Recipe Book

iPad is an easy to find recipe book, but not the kind you'd expect.

Use Your iPad: For Archiving & Cataloging

Two practical ways to use your iPad in everyday life.

Using an Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

This is iPad Dad's first test using iPad and an Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard...

Videography and Animation with iPad

Who would've thought that making a movie, video, animation, or time lapse movie would be so easy!

Why Battle Games are Fun

Battle games are FUN on iPad. They're usually quite empowering.

Why buy an iPad for a Child as a present?

There are many reasons to buy your children an iPad or iPad Mini for Christmas or their birthday...