Drawing for Cross-Brain Development using your iPad

When I say drawing, people often hear art. Yes, drawing has it's place in art, but it is not a prerequisite FOR art, rather drawing is a skill which enhances our cross brain development.

When I say drawing, people often hear "art."  

Yes, drawing has it's place in art, but it is not a prerequisite FOR art, rather drawing is a skill which enhances our cross brain development. (ie: Left handers tend to start off being more creative... this tendency has a reason...) 

Drawing enables us to visualise our thoughts and ideas in space, which is quite a good skill to have - especially for a student or productive adult!

The ability to make a reliable sketch-map or draw out a 'plan' is an invaluable asset.

And anyone can do it with iPad! 

Drawing has changed forever with iPad

As an art teacher I know this paramount skill is undervalued. The mental predisposition of parents, teachers, and educational administrators makes it so. 

And most of them draw like children. 

With the evolution of literacy, and more recently the world-wide institutionaliasation of education, the importance of learning this way of communicating has decreased dramatically.

Our long distant ancestors were aware of the power of sharing images... and we find ourselves in the midst of the Visual Communication Revolution... we SEE our communication more than ever before.

Yet it is so easy to enhance your drawing skills, and at the same time enhance your brainpower, that is almost silly!  

With iPad, you can enhance your creative development right this moment and every single day from now on.  

Sure there are amazing courses which can teach you how to draw quickly, bringing you up to an advanced level of development in just a short space of time.  However, none of them are necessary if you just want to enhance your innate skill.  All you need to do is to start.  

You can NOW justs use your finger.  

No paints, no clay, no chisel.  No "mess".  You don't have to own a box of organised, sharpened coloured pencils!  

Just tap and go for it.

So, why do you draw the way you draw?

I did my uni thesis on this question and I found the answer.

You are only able to draw the way you draw because that's how good you were at drawing, when you last stopped.

Why's that? Check out this other Journal article about why most adults draw like children.

The Apps below are the best drawing, painting, and general creative apps we've found for our iPad. These apps are valuable because of the unique methods, media and aesthetics which ENHANCE creative development.  Each Art App below has been extensively tested by the entire family, and many of them are used every day. 

Have a look at these apps, and purchase the ones you're drawn to, no pun intended. This is not a comprehensive list. We're utilising drawing apps regularly and when we find they're really useful we'll add them to the list. Follow Us on Facebook or Twitter to get notified when a new review is out.

Recommended Drawing Apps for Enhancing Your Artistic Development  - for iPad

Brilliant, beautiful digital trees, just how you want them, watch them grow!

Unleash your imagination as you create all types of cookies and decorate them.

Our all time favourite drawing app, this one has it all!

Excellent drawing App with a playback feature that allows you to watch how you created your picture stage by stage.

An interactive particle app that responds to your touch creating delightfuly colourful and visually stunning images.