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iPad and Power Failures - another reason iPad rules!

Another reason iPad is fantastic for being productive... power failures!  We live deep in the country Down Under.  Our little town has LOTS of blackouts during the winter months, particularly when nothing seems to be happening outside.  Why it happens, I have NO IDEA, but boy was I glad after writing and editing an entire 500+ word blog that I was using my iPad...

Country Life, power failures do happen...

Guess what? There was just a power failure. 

It lasted only thirty seconds or so, but one of the things about living way way out in the country is that the power sometimes drops off.  Unexpectedly. 

My PC's battery-backup saved my wife's document from the neither-regions of powerlessness - thank goodness. I happened to be writing a blog about the amazing bluetooth "Wireless Keyboard" which I would normally be writing on a desktop computer.  I am VERY GLAD I chose to use the iPad today!  All my work is still right here in front of me.  No drama!

Another great thing about the iPad/ wireless keyboard combination... no chance in losing your data to a power cut!!!  Phew!  In fact, I hardly noticed the power going out.  I figured someone just switched off the light but was so engrossed in typing it took a few moments for me to hear the bleeping of our main computer's battery backup power.  

The iPad IS so efficient, not only offering an outstandingly long battery life (Apple says 10 hours, and we can confirm that's pretty accurate) but the iPad also lets you know when you're battery is dwindling with pop-up notifications. 

Had I been working on the desktop as normal I'd have flipped out - I was typing so fast I realised I would have forgotten to save my work - but on iPad it's always just SAVED.  

Now instead of a tirade of disapproval to our power company, all that was heard was tap tap tapping in the dark. 

I've said it once and I'll say it again. 

Great work Apple! iPad is the best thing that's ever happened to technology.

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