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iPad for Graphic Designers, Authors & Illustrators

Can iPad fully replace a Mac or PC for a professional graphic designer, web-designer, photographer, or publisher?  Not quite... but ALMOST!  

What if someone wanted to produce a few professional drawings, take quality photography or high-definition illustrations on an iPad?  Definitely!  

The tools on the new iPad combined with it's resolutionary display (4x standard resolution) allow professionals to illustrate, touch-up, and design just as high quality as if you were at your desk.  Really!

For instance, Adobe Photoshop Touch is a fantastic touchable version of Photoshop for iPad, it just doesn't do all the things that a desktop version of the same program would do... but it's getting closer with each update. 

Designers & Photographers

Any designer, photographer, or graphic specialists CAN use iPad to speed up much of their workflow, as we have done. 

Adobe Photoshop Touch has been used to touch up all the family photos at 3000 x 3000 pixels, which is high enough resolution for almost anything you are doing! 

Adobe Photoshop Touch App for iPad enables us to take, edit, share, and remix our photos without ever needing to leave the iPad, essentially bypassing the computer and camera altogether.

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FTP On the Go Pro, has enabled us to upload any of our iPad created graphics directly to the WebServer where they are needed, without ever going through a computer.  We also use Photogene to crop and upload photos to the web as well, this has increased our ability to manage photographs to the web faster than ANYTHING we've used before... in 15 years of doing this.  

As an Author, Blogger or Copywriter

As an author, blogger, and web editor, iPad has been an amazing tool for speeding up our content creation, such that we have tripled our capacity since getting our iPad.  Our content creation has gone through the roof.

We have created illustrations, drawings, icons, animated drawings, and more which is something that I would not be able to do very easily on a desktop computer.   My children have learned more about the controls for many of the industry standard graphics programs before they are ten than many adults will EVER learn on their computers... and they're using these tools to PLAY.  

And all because it's right there on the iPad in front of them... They can touch it, try it out and see what it can do.  Something that many adults have a hard time doing on a computer, however doing it on an iPad is so easy that a child can do it... and do it well.


As an artist, experimenting with different techniques, colours, and forums and creative expression is easy and a lot less expensive and definitely less messy.   I have long been a fan of pointillism, and have always wanted to do a highly detailed work using this technique.  


But the practicalities of this, were so adverse, that it was unlikely I would ever accomplished this unless I had the time, space, and money to achieve it later in life. 

It took some of the Renaissance painters years to complete one work of art in this style. 

However, I am working on a pointillism art piece, and have been for over a year.   It is highly detailed, uses dozens of colours, many different sizes of brush, and is multilayered.  

It's been created in high resolution, and can be sent as an email, message, or exported to be printed at high-resolution.  

This is something that I would not even attempt to do on my desktop computers.  No way.  Not only would it not be much fun, but I would not enjoy sitting at a computer tapping a mouse to create a work of art nearly as much as I do sitting where I like, in any environment, painting without paint or canvas.... just iPad. 

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