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iPad in the Family

Communication, interaction, strategic thinking, planning, multi-tasking, problem solving, explorative learning... all of these are important parts of human experience. With iPad in the family we've become more connected than ever before. Here are all of the articles within this iPad journal... enjoy!

iPad Microscope Home School Project

Amazing science project with an iPad and a Microscope!

Bluetooth Suction Cup Speaker

Sound with ease with this little stick-on speaker.

iGuy Case and Stand for iPad Mini

We like the iGuy Case, it is tough and sturdy foam and doesn't break when pulled. We love the handles, they are easy to grip, it feels like your iGuy is holding on to you! It is a fun shape, adding to the child-friendly appeal of using an iPad mini.

Use Your iPad: As your Recipe Book

iPad is an easy to find recipe book, but not the kind you'd expect.

Apple TV: Essential iPad Accessory for Parents & Teachers

Apple TV had made a huge difference to our use of a television in the home. Being so teched-up we haven't used an actual television system for over 10 years... until now!

Search your iPad, the Web or Wikipedia FAST - iPad Essential Search Tips

Did you know you can search your entire iPad, the Web or even find something in Wikipedia in seconds?

Why Battle Games are Fun

Battle games are FUN on iPad. They're usually quite empowering.

Battle Games and the Effect on Little Children

Strategic thinking, planning, multi-tasking, problem solving, explorative learning... all of these are important...

Drawing Pad, an Excellent Drawing App for Kids

We use Drawing Pad during almost every creative iPad turn.

iPad as a Practical Home Schooling Device

Drawing and visualising are two common uses for the iPad in our family.

Mum's Opinion of iPad (1 Year) - iPad Elders

My parents came over for a three week visit and they just LOVED the iPad.

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Month 4) - Horizons

It feels like we've ALWAYS had an iPad. How did we ever do without it!

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Week 3) - Homeschool

Life with the iPad is still proving fantastic as my children develop more and more skills

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Day 6) - Wonderful!

There are so many wonderful things about the iPad that I like!

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Day 2) - Amazing!

My husband suggested the iPad, but I had no idea what it was and what to expect from it.

Stopmotion and Timelapse Movies with your iPad

I can't believe I can make such cool StopMotion and Timelapse movies

Contextualise the iPad AS a Creative, Productive, Educational Device

it's up to us, the parents to give an appropriate context for the iPad, and each iPad turn.

Enhance your Artistic Development with iPad

Experiment with almost ANY medium, any colour, texture, thickness, transparency... on iPad

One iPad Each Made All the Difference

Though I KNEW having an iPad each would make a difference, the difference it DID make is more profound...

iPad is the BEST Lifelong Learning tool in the Galaxy

I am always looking for ways to help integrate my knowledge into everyday life.

it's only 1.21 gigabytes, why's it taking so long to download?

I felt very like Doc in Back to the Future when Marty told him the amount of energy required to get him Back to the Future!

iPad Mum's Video Game Arcade Flashback from the '80s

I now have a choice of hundreds of games to capture my imagination - and to challenge my mind right here on my iPad

Why buy an iPad for a Child's?

There are many reasons to buy your children an iPad or iPad Mini for Christmas or their birthday...

Set Up a Family's App Purchases with One iTunes Account

Get one iTunes account for each family member... or one iTunes account for the entire lot of you?

How to Install an EMOJI Keyboard on your iPad

Adding Emoji to your iPad is a fun way to add expression to your text-based data.

Streaming content on iPad not working? Find out why!

The TV is now like a PC, they're both passe'!

How WE purchase iPad Apps

What is an iPad App? How do we purchase one? What do WE think about when considering apps?

How to Stop the iPad Screen from Rotating

I myself didn't know how to do this until I read the iPad Users Guide

iPad Setup for Children: Sync Kids iPad to Mac (Computer) Before Installing Apps

So this first: Sync your Child's new iPad to your Computer BEFORE Installing Apps

iPad Ergonomics, Posture and iPad

With years of painful computing experience behind me I am delighted with the iPad.

Using an Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

This is iPad Dad's first test using iPad and an Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard...

iPad and Power Failures - another reason iPad rules!

Another reason iPad is fantastic for being productive... power failures!

iPad Education - from Old School to Home School

I've heard a few people say that the iPad can take away a child's ability to use a pencil.

iPad AS a Game Controller

Our recommended iPad Games Apps are great value for money and a fabulous way to learn!

Can an iPad Replace a Laptop?

For most people, an iPad could replace their computer just perfectly for everyday computing (and more).

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