iPad is the BEST Lifelong Learning tool in the Galaxy

The iPad creates an entirely new learning environment. In fact it takes LEARNING out of the 'environment of learning' and brings it home. All the way home. Learning occurs IN ANY environment now. iPad makes it possible to revisit those things that interest you most and LEARN them again. At your own pace, in your own place, in your own space.

The iPad is the BEST learning tool in the galaxy.  As a constant learner, I am always looking for ways to help integrate my knowledge into everyday life.  The iPad has made this much more practical.  My grandfather always said to me, and still says today at age 95; 

"The best way to go through life is to keep learning... constantly learning something new.  Learn it until you've mastered it, till you know everything about it... then give it up and try something else.  Yep, start from the beginning with something else that interests you and learn it until you master it... then quit and do the next thing you're interested in.  But don't give up until you know everything there is to know about it.  Then move on.

iPad Education for Life Long LearningLife Long Learning - iPad and life long education

iPad Grandfather

"In a few years, you'll know how to do a lot of things well instead of just one thing forever.  Use your mind.  Challenge it.  Learn.  Then, you can take care of yourself.  Not because you know how to do many things, but because you'll truly know that you can do anything you put your mind to."   

The older I get the more I am glad I listened to his advice at a young age.  Learning, and knowing that I can learn anything I put your mind to, has been the best gift of all.  I know that if I'm interested in it, I can learn it. Whatever it is.   

The iPad creates an entirely new learning environment.  In fact it takes LEARNING out of the 'environment of learning' and brings it home.  All the way home.  Learning occurs IN ANY environment now.  iPad makes it possible to revisit those things that interest you most and LEARN them again.  At your own pace, in your own place, in your own space.  

One of the things I always wanted to do (iPadDad) was to learn more about the constellations.  But the stars move around a lot (or we do, actually) and taking a star chart out to the bush at night just doesn't do it.  However, now I've learned more about the night sky than I have in the last thirty years, and can spot the major constellations and can even tell Jupiter from Mars in the sky, thanks to iPad!    

I've done this by standing in my back yard at night and pointing the iPad towards the sky and watching the names of the stars and galaxies flash before my eyes.  Amazing.  If you have an interest in the stars, try using GoSkyWatch.   Well, here are a few of our favourite Life Long Learning Apps.  

Grampa has been using his new iPad for a while now, and I am looking forward to showing HIM these apps.  

Here are our Favourite Learning Apps for every age:

iPadFamily's Life Long Learning Apps

Word solitaire, if you love Scrabble you will adore this game. It's clever, fun and challenging to the maximum.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) presents 100 stunning images of our universe.

Everything you need to know about the human body at your fingertips...or should I say your distal phalanges.

Visual and interactive catalogue of all known exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars)

Excellent easy to use word game to find the synonym, the word that has a similar meaning, for adults and older children.

View the solar system like never before! Point your iPad and be amazed!

Excellent educational app all about the Australian Government, in fine detail with multimedia.

An excellent educational App showing you HOW 9 common machines work...build it then see it working!

The European Southern Observatory presents 100 images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Brilliant way of making movies right on your iPad!

Wonderfully informative and interactive app covering the main subjects of our solar system.

Simply the BEST YouTube App for iPad! Safe and easy!

Your personal, informative, interactive yoga class made easy and portable!

Read anytime you have your iPad with you! An excellent selection of books on offer for Kindle!

Learn how to massage with this excellently designed, comprehensive app featuring both techniques and full routines.

Full range of customisable maths problems for all ages: Test knowledge on a wide range of maths.

Hypnosis to aid relaxation and peaceful sleep that really works plus more tips on de-stressing and self hypnosis.

Stephen Hawking's intuitive educational app explains the principles that control our universe and facilitates learning via experimentation.

Watching leading speakers from around the globe give presentations on their areas of expertise all for free!

Great app for project work, home schooling and learning in general, 5 stars as I would expect from a great publisher like National Geographic!

Wikipanion is a free, must-have reference App for your iPad app library.