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Use Your iPad: As a Camera

I went to university and studied photography.  It was a 4th year class, and many of my classmates had aspirations of becoming professional photographers... while I was doing something that interested me.  

My grandfather always took photographs.  He'd always share slides of his month-long driving excursions and adventures. He shared them on a beautiful Kodak slide-projector once a year. 

Now, we both have iPads and I'm sharing my adventures with him from sixteen thousand miles away in beautiful, vivid colour. It was he who shared with me how the aperture affected the light as it moved through a lens. 

Photography at University to Photography at Home

I qualified myself for photography at uni because of this knowledge.  I'd used a camera many times and knew how it worked.  I also had three full years of artistic techniques and truthful critiques.  I could do it. 

After a day of lessons on chemicals and compounds I wondered what I'd gotten into! Mixing chemicals?! I thought this was photography class?  Was I in the right spot?  Maybe this is a science class 'Chemical Photography Lab' or something!  Surely not.  

I then heard the lecturer say "dodge and burn".  

I was suddenly paying attention.  This sounded cool.  

It turns out we had to learn about chemicals because Senior-level photography students personally hand-develop their black and white and colour photographic prints.  There are chemicals involved in the entire process. They're expected to print 'prints' themselves onto photographic paper. And, while printing, change the outcome of the final print by dodging and burning. Cool!

It wasn't until I developed my first prints that I realised how important the final product really was.   A little more light here, a little less light there... creates a beautiful photographic print.  And that's what it was, a print. You had to SHOW the final print... the photograph

The developing and printing process including good dodging and burning took hours of patience and understanding to get right.

That was back when we printed stuff. 

iPad has rendered the whole process, even the need to print stuff, obsolete.

We don't print many things nowadays.  It's not eco friendly. Taking a good photo and sharing it with someone now takes only a few seconds. 

With iPad you can easily lock the focus and exposure [which not as easy to do on a little pocket digital camera] and see it in vivid detail.

You can adjust the brightness or contrast, colour correct and even crop or rotate your photo with a few taps.  

It's so easy to use, and handy to view that iPad is Grampa's new travelling camera.  Once it's taken, looking at a photograph on an iPad is amazing. Then tap. It's shared. 

You can pinch and zoom in on it in clear, crisp detail.  You can share it with family and friends with a few taps. It'll look crisp and sharp on their iPads too! 

iPad makes photography accessible to anyone.  It's so beautifully integrated into the design of the iPad it makes using a traditional digital camera obsolete. 

AND, you can show it right now, right here, on your iPad.  

No printing required.

A few things you can do with your photos:

Using Adobe Photoshop Touch, I even dodge and burn! 

No items found.

We multi-framed Photos with Apps like Frametastic

Create fabulous photographic montages in seconds with this awesome iPad photo framing App!
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Combine them with Collage-Craft Apps like Scrap Pad:

A wonderful app filled with great quality graphics to make your own pages and albums - fun for all the family!
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