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One iPad Each Made All the Difference

We were once a family with one iPad (1), we then became a family with two (+ 1 new iPad).  We are now a family with five iPad devices.  Each of us has one.  I thought I knew what might occur when each of us got one, but I was surprised by what actually happened (is still happening). 

The first reaction to a five-iPad family seems to be the most prevalent type of reaction.   What DOES a child of nine, six and a little lady of three need with their own iPad?  What does Mum need her own iPad for?  Surely you can do all of it from ONE iPad, right?!  Yes, the news that each of us has an iPad has caused some interesting reactions in people.  

"What... what does a child of seven need an iPad... um... for?  Hmm."
"They have their own iPad... really? What for!" was an interesting one.  
"I wouldn't give a child an expensive device like that," was another.  
I've even had people say, "A child wouldn't be able to do anything useful on a thing like that!"  
"That's Absurd!" was a real cracker!  

But these are all very short sighted. 

My favourite reaction to the news comes from my grandfather (age 95), who said, "What a great way to expand their minds."   Just what I was thinking, Pop!   

Though I KNEW it would make a difference, the difference it DID make is far more profound... 

Can't everyone just SHARE an iPad??

Well, yes you can.  We all used one, then two iPad devices, and it seemed to work OK.  The same way five adults COULD use a car to get to separate jobs in the morning... it's possible, but not as practical as them each having their own car to travel in.

Everyone a Prodigy

Like a prodigy, each of the people closest to me has blossomed in unexpected ways in less than 48 hours after receiving their own iPad... 

I did not realise that by giving them the opportunity to find the seed of genius within themselves... the creator, communicator, artist, dancer, poet, joker, chess master, stamp collector, photographer...  

Watching my child send a self-portrait he drew on his iPad safely and securely, encrypted, to his great-grandparents' iPad in Philadelphia without asking for help...  Learning that my youngest son has a knack for photography, and that my little girl is great at decorating... 

I didn't know my wife likes magazines but not the use of paper they're printed on and has suddenly begun reading periodicals... and they are ALL using Apps in ways that I wouldn't have imagined and am truly amazed at...

AND, now having my OWN iPad sitting next to me on the desk... with a nice blue cover, gorgeous background, and just MY FAVOURITE apps, even I am surprised at how I am using it. I thought I knew. I am glad I dared to find out.

In the words of my grandfather, age 95, "It's the best money I've EVER spent."  

Not only for the Children, but for me. 

Having my OWN device allows me to continue where I left off, arrange things the way I like them, and to set up my iPad the way I like.  This has made me more productive from the first day, and has continued to support me 'moving away' from the desk. 

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