Batman: The Brave and the Bold Series 1 - a review

Full action Batman, heroes you know, and villans you might not... 26 stand alone episodes around 23 minutes each - excellent value for money!

What we think:

  • Every little boy we've asked likes Batman (and some girls too!) - super heroes come together to solve a crime or foil a super villain!
  • Fully engaging, action packed, kapoww-ness from Warner Bros.
  • Lots of characters, good and bad. Lots of super-powers too and great special effects!

Brave and Bold says it.  Batman takes on an amazing array of villains with help from his super friends.  Meet the friends you know (Aquaman, Green Arrow) and many you may not remember (Atom, Plastic Man).  Great action Batman the way it should be.  This has been watched over and over again in our house!

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